It’s time to organize an expedition to one of the most beautiful nature reserves remote Russian island – Bering Island, part of the archipelago of islands called “Komandorsky Islands.”

Komandorsky Islands – an archipelago of four islands in southwestern Pacific Ocean Bering Sea. Administratively part of the Aleutian region of the Kamchatka region of Russia. The islands are named after of their discoverer in 1741 explorer Commander Vitus Bering. On the largest of them – Bering Island – is the tomb of seafarer.

The islands are the western tip of the Aleutian island arc, and separated from the Aleutian Islands Near Strait about 370 km wide. The total area of the archipelago – 1848 km². It is located on the border of the Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, 200 kilometers east of the Kamchatka Peninsula, which is separated from Kamchatka Strait.

The islands are part of a UNESCO World Heritage properties (

The territory of the islands included in the State Nature Biosphere Reserve “Komandorsky” name S.V Marakova (

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