Start expedition

Dear friends of ham radio! Thanks to Your responsiveness on the additional financing of the expedition, found a suitable option to deliver our team and cargo on the Bering island. The crew of the yacht “Rediance” has kindly agreed to take us to the designated point AS-039 and back. New requirements for equipment of yachts, the navigation apparatus of a new sample, the output of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy scheduled for July 6. Approximate time of arrival on the island on 9 July. The term expedition has slightly decreased. But we will try very quickly to deploy two positions to give the opportunity […]

Need Help

The problem arose due to the fact that the ship “Vasiliy Zavoiko” On which we had to go to the island of Bering is broken. And to go to island on any other ship not enough money. So please support the expedition who can.

News and changes

Last day to departure our team to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Our team is ready to departure, but not without changes. For health reasons will not be able to go with us to the Island of Vladimir RA0ZJ. Also changed the dates in the section “plans” and we are unable to provide currently accurate information about the arrival to the island, but the steamship company promises to send us to the first dates of July.